About Us

Green Acres is a 16-acre orchard that has been kept chemical-free and sustainably farmed more than 60 years ago. Signature are its sustainably built Treehouse and Ecolodges, fully restored from dilapidated Malay kampong (village) houses.

Located 250 metres above sea level, at the heart of Penang in the rustic village of Balik Pulau, it has its own pure spring water source and a stream running through the land. With a myriad of mature fruit trees to feed on, a good supply of clean spring water and semi solar powered ecolodges, we would say Green Acres provide a low carbon footprint travel experience.


Think crisp fresh air, expansive mountains and greenery, century old trees of soaring heights and walking trails made to capture the beautiful scenery of the hills and beyond. Abundant with wildlife and a sanctuary for birds.


Home to over 800 fruit and spice trees, fruits are available year round. Over the years, we have cultivated 450 durian trees of 35 different durian varieties. Our matured durian trees, 50 to 100 years old, bear fruits which are exquisite in taste, like good aged wine. Besides durians, there are mangosteens, cempedak, rambutans, duku and langsat to name a few. 

Year-round fruits at the farm include our flavourful heirloom pineapples, various types of bananas, papayas, jackfruit, coconuts, starfruit, ciku, umbra, jambu and more. Besides fruit trees, Green Acres grow herbs and spices. Penang's heirloom nutmegs and cloves are still thriving at Green Acres, producing high quality fruit and spices.

DURIAN SEASON (usually end of May to early August, subject to each season's weather)

We offer Durian Tasting tours for savouring fresh drop durians at the farm.

Those who book either the Ecolodge or the Treehouse get a better feel of what it is like to actually live in a fruit orchard with durians all around. 


At other times in the year (non-durian season), the farm is open for fruit tasting farm tours where the owners share their knowledge and experience in organic farming and composting, sustainable homes and fruit, spices and herb sampling.

- Farm Tour, Fruit Tasting and Lunch 

- Hiking Trail, Farm Tour and Lunch

- Family Fun Day

DURIAN FLOWERING SEASON (usually February to March, subject to each season's weather)

Be assured that durian trees produce no smell, and durian flower blooms smell quite opposite from the durian fruit - they are pleasantly fragrant and sweet smelling! This is the time to come visit to experience durian flower picking and tasting of both the flower and nectar! 


Green Acres offer farm stays in non-air conditioned double storey Treehouse and an Ecoodge, both privately located and completely surrounded by our orchard trees. 

Treehouse accommodates 2 - 3 persons

Ecolodge accommodates 6 persons in 3 bedrooms, with space for additional 4 persons.


Our organic produce and farm products are supplied to local organic shops, restaurants and eco-tourist attractions (Justlife, Realfood Penang, The Baking Garage Penang, The Habitat Penang Hill)

They are also sold online at https://shp.ee/yx9tbx7 



We have an ongoing research collaboration with University Science Malaysia (USM) with a purpose to determine whether fruits taste better on organic soil (nutrition), they have higher yield and better soil health (more sustainable). http://www.usm.my 


Our farm has been collaborating with NGO Rimba since 2019, on conservation works and research to save Malaysia's flying foxes and bats, natural pollinators of our fruits. Read about them at https://rimba.ngo/


We extend our reach to students from various schools and institutions engaged by The Habitat Foundation to immerse the young in environmental consciousness and sustainability https://www.habitatfoundation.org.my/ 



The owners of Green Acres Orchard and Ecolodge, Kim and Eric Chong, are members of the Slow Food International movement founded by Carlo Petrini in Italy in 1986. Slow Food is a global, grassroots organisation with supporters in 150 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment. It strives to encourage farming, seed planting and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem to provide sustainable foods.

In 2014, the family participated in the Terra Madre Slow Food Festival in Torino, Italy, sponsored in conjunction with the United Nation's Year of International Farming Families. Green Acres exhibited their farm's heirloom species of nutmegs and cloves under Slow Food's Ark Of Taste showcase in the festival. https://www.slowfood.com 

In 2015, Green Acres exhibited their farm produce in the 2015 Asio Gusto Slow Food Festival in Seoul, Korea, an event co-hosted by Slow Food International and Slow Food Korea.  Themed “Cool Farmers and Real Tastes”, Eric was a guest speaker in the conference, sharing on Sustainable Farming: the Hills and Heritage of Balik Pulau Penang. The event involved more than 180 food culture leaders from 41 countries. https://www.slowfood.com/press-release/2015-slow-food-asia-pacific-festival-about-to-kick-off/ 

Green Acres is built on dreams of giving the couple's son, Adric, then only 5 years old in 2009, a safer, healthier and more experiential learning environment in a working farm. 

A visit to Green Acres takes you a step back to memory lane reconnecting with our roots and practical lifestyle of our forefathers. Every farm visit made a family affair, Eric does the talking - sharing with guests the experience of sustainable farming first hand while walking the orchard. Kim does the preparation - preparing tasting sessions, farm brews and setting everything up to ensure a memorable experience. Adric, our son, is the young entertainer - taking the children around with his bag of surprises (the magic seed, egg hunting in the chicken coop and fish feeding).

Mascot of the farm is Ciku, our beagle, born in June 2019. Ciku has brown, black and white hair, colours resembling the ciku fruit. She is our companion dog at the farm, after Sally, our 10-year-old beagle passed away on 15 March 2019. 


Facebook Page: @Greenacresorchard

Email: greenacrespenang@gmail.com